Attractions along the Carpathians
Transylvania / Romania

Town of Courtyards

Town of Courtyards
Original function:
public area
Current function:
public area
Historical Hungarian county:
GPS coordinates:
46.0016818307, 26.1378205732
Google map:


There are more than 70 courtyards around the main square.

Source:  csemadok.sk
{"item":"sight","set":{"sightId":2119,"townId":80,"active":1,"name_LO":"","address":"","mapdata":"1|1120|1423","gps_lat":"46.0016818307","gps_long":"26.1378205732","religion":0,"oldtype":"29","newtype":"29","homepage":"","openinghours":"","muemlekemlink":"","csemadoklink":"https:\/\/lexikon.adatbank.transindex.ro\/muemlek.php?id=346","picture":"","picture_ref":"","name":"Town of Courtyards","note":"","history":"There are more than 70 courtyards around the main square.","town":{"townId":80,"name_HU":"K\u00e9zdiv\u00e1s\u00e1rhely","name_LO":"T\u00e2rgu Secuiesc","seolink":"kezdivasarhely-targu-secuiesc","oldcounty":44,"country":4}},"language":"en","region":"romania","regionid":4,"offer":[],"gallery":false,"album":false}
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